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The Malaysian Automotive Association has released new vehicle sales data for the month of February 2016, sorted by brand – and if you though the industry fared badly enough in January, last month’s performance was even worse. Almost every brand registered a drop in sales compared to the month before, due to a shorter working month and tighter hire purchase loan approval terms from banks.

As reported earlier in the week, 34,126 passenger vehicles and 3,750 commercial vehicles left dealer lots this month, equalling to a combined total of 37,876 vehicles sold overall. This is 24.8%, or 12,514 units lower than the 50,390 units registered in the same month last year, and is also 15.1% down compared to January 2016 (44,591 units), while the year-to-date figure is 18.3% down on 2015 (82,467 vs 100,992).

Market leader Perodua recorded a much less severe drop than the 28% decrease it saw in January; the total of 14,014 units it sold last month was just 9.8% down on the month before. By contrast, Proton’s sales fell some 23.2% to 5,942 vehicles – likely as a result of range-wide price increases that came into effect on February 15 – which left the national carmaker barely hanging on to its second-place spot.

Nearly usurping that spot was Honda, as it sold just 127 fewer cars than in January, putting its February total at 5,616 units. In a distant fourth place sat Toyota, which maintained a similar sales performance from January, selling 2,917 units. Curiously, it sold slightly more commercial vehicles last month, at 1,048 units – this despite the fact that the all-new Hilux is coming very soon.

After a brief spell in fourth place, Nissan’s February sales dropped 24% to 2,773 units, pushing the brand back to its usual fifth place and allowing Toyota to move past.

Elsewhere, Mazda’s sales dipped below the 1,000 unit mark, at 782 units (-42.2), while Mitsubishi sales were 31% down to 696 units. After a strong January, Mercedes-Benz also experience a drop in sales in February, finishing with just 658 units (-36.4%) to its name; both Mitsubishi and Mercedes were overtaken by Isuzu. Ford (-33.8%) and Kia (-43%) also experienced similar losses.

The only notable gains came from Volkswagen and Lexus. The former sold 539 units – a 33.4% increase – while Toyota’s luxury brand recorded an astonishing 47.5% jump thanks to selling 29 more cars than in January, at 90 units. Meanwhile, Jaguar’s sales were up tenfold – yes, to 10 units.

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