Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabrio

Mercedes-AMG will add 10 new models to its range before the end of the year. Speaking to Automotive News, Mercedes-AMG chairman Tobias Moers said the decision follows the performance division’s booming sales performance in 2015 — 68,875 vehicles were sold worldwide, marking a 40% improvement against the year before.

“We are going to expand our portfolio to 48 different models by the end of the year,” Moers said. Currently, the AMG brand boasts a total of 38 models in its line-up, ranging from the compact AMG A 45 to the mighty AMG S 65. Recently, the brand also adopted a new set of lower range AMG “43” vehicles, adding to its tally.

In a bid to get even more of its AMG models on the road, Moers said that he is urging more dealerships across the globe to open dedicated showroom areas for AMG cars — such as the one at the PJ Autohaus by Cycle & Carriage Bintang. The company is also eager to roll out stand-alone AMG centres.

“Stand-alone AMG showrooms are getting feasible worldwide. We are going to open one up in Japan, and we’re having a discussion in Australia about that (also),” he revealed.