bmw 6 series fire

Earlier this morning, a man was burnt to death when his BMW 6 Series caught fire as he was sleeping inside the car, the New Straits Times reports. The 4 am episode took place at the Plaza Toll B on the Sprint expressway.

According to a toll booth worker who witnessed the incident, the man – who was believed to be intoxicated – was said to have stopped the car at the toll booth, left the driver’s seat and went to sleep in the passenger seat, leaving the engine running.

The worker tried to wake the man up by tapping on his window, but failed to stir the driver, who had locked the doors. An hour later, the car caught fire and the man, whose identity is still unknown, burned to death. Two toll booths were also completely burned down in the blaze, the report adds. Authorities are still investigating the identity of the driver.

Meanwhile, BMW Malaysia has issued a short statement on the matter. The statement, made by MD and CEO Han Sang Yun, is as follows:

“We at BMW Group Malaysia learnt this morning of an incident where a previous generation BMW vehicle caught on fire at the Toll Gates of the Sprint Expressway which resulted in a fatality.

This is a very unfortunate incident and we are really saddened with what has happened. We sympathise with the victim and the family members affected by the incident.

We understand that at the moment, the cause of the fire has not been ascertained and we at BMW Group Malaysia are open to offering our expertise, cooperation and assistance to the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department as well as the related authorities to investigate the incident thoroughly.”

UPDATE: Sprint has also issued a statement on the matter, as follows:

“Subsequent to the above incident on March 29th, 2016, Sprint wishes to inform that thorough investigations are being conducted by the authorities. Sprint is committed towards providing its full cooperation to the authorities in order to assist in their investigations.

Sprint would like to reiterate, it had acted responsively to the incident within its scope of authority limits in respect of the prevention and rescue measures that were taken. This include immediate action taken but the ground staffs on duty an alerting the relevant authorities.

Simultaneously, repair works of the damaged toll booths caused by the incident haven been initiated to ensure full restoration of the facilities and smooth traffic flow.

The safety of users using Sprint is paramount. We deeply symphathise with the victim and families affected by the incident.”