Tuning Mercedes GLE Coupe Inferno 6

It’s safe to say that the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe isn’t the most inconspicuous SUV on the road. Don’t tell that to Topcar though because the Russian tuners have come up with a styling kit to make the SUV more imposing than it already is. They’ve got a name for it too – Inferno.

The package Topcar created for the GLE Coupe includes a more aggressive front bumper, grille, intakes and extended fenders. A carbon-fibre hood is also added here, which feature prominent vents. Small touches that are added to the exterior include additional LED lights in the bumper.

Side skirts are part of the visual increments here, along with a choice of ultra-light forged wheels (Lumma or ADV.1) ranging from 22- to 23-inch options. The rear now features a large diffuser as part of the new bumper.

Tuning Mercedes GLE Coupe Inferno 8

Prices start at 17,080 euros (RM76,510) for the styling kit without carbon parts, and go up to 20,205 euros (RM90,508) with them. If that isn’t enough, buyers can spend a bit (or a lot) more money to customise the SUV’s interior. Carbon-fibre, wood, crocodile leather and even gold can be used for the trim pieces.

As for power, Topcar has a series of upgrades for the GLE 450’s 3.0 litre turbo V6 engine, increasing output by 87 hp & 123 Nm. An extra 125 hp & 149 Nm is also available for the GLE 63, and 131 hp & 159 Nm on the GLE 63 S Coupe. Interested?

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