bmw xdrive baby boots

BMW xDrive technology has found its way on to some funky footwear for toddlers – indeed, the premise of the new, patented xDrive Baby Boots makes for the Ultimate Strolling Device.

Targeted specifically at children and toddlers under three years of age, the xDrive Baby Boots employs xDrive technology and is the perfect solution for parents looking for maximum stability for their little ones, signifying an end to unwanted tumbles.

The boots – which offer perfect weight distribution, so it goes – feature a traction control sole with adaptive rubber that can react in a tenth of a second to varying surfaces and conditions.

Despite the tech being in its infancy, BMW claims that the xDrive Baby Boots – also available in pink, if blue isn’t your thing – will ace all household terrain and challenges, be it carpet, ceramic tiles or varnished wood. With these around, crying associated with falls will be a thing of the past, we suppose.