As an official partner to the Arsenal Football Club, Citroen is looking to share more than just its cars. In support of the club’s ‘Arsenalisation’ project, the carmaker has decided to lend its expertise to make the Gunners’ home ground, the Emirates Stadium, one of the best in the world.

And one of those ideas involves building the world’s first retractable sunroof for the football stadium, a grand idea that came from the humblest of cars – the Citroen C1 convertible.

The multi-purpose roof is capable of protecting the fans and players, as well as displaying messages (COYG!), images, even instant replays for an extraordinary fan experience.

In light of current climate changes, the new sunroof is beneficial to the players as well, providing shade from the intense sunlight, while controlling the hydration levels of the players. Maybe this will be the key to improving the team’s choking performance.

As Oxlade-Chamberlain puts it, “our consistency is the key to success. Being able to control every variable, including the weather is obviously a big factor and important to us.”

Citroen say that the stadium’s roof is nearly identical to that on the car’s, save for its scale. Therefore, it is made of lightweight canvas, in red of course, and will be able to open in a world-record time of 11 seconds! That’s faster than the club’s fastest recorded Premier league goal of 29 seconds.

During each home game, a random spectator will be picked to decide if the roof should be opened or closed. That’s a lot of fan power. The only drawback is, the roof will not be ready till April 1, 2017, and we can hardly wait.