Petaling Jaya Selatan (PJS) residents now have their first dedicated community bus service, thanks to Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ). The Sun Daily reports that the free bus service will provide transport for residents, especially retirees and senior citizens, to go from Kg. Lindungan to University Malaya Medical Centre (PPUM) and back.

“The free bus service will be available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The bus will depart from Klinik 1 Malaysia at Kg. Lindungan at 7.00 am to PPUM. At 2.00 pm, the bus will depart from PPUM back to the clinic,” PJ mayor Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain told reporters at the launch of the new service.

The mayor added that on top of this and its existing PJ City Bus, other free bus services for the city are being considered. “Currently, we have the PJ City Bus covering most major routes in PJ whereby this year we have added another two new routes in Kelana Jaya and Kampung Tunku,” he said.

It was said that the PJ01 route, which goes from Taman Medan to Kampung Tunku and the PJ02 route, which runs from the Asia Jaya LRT station to PPUM has up to 10,000 passengers daily. The PJ03 and PJ04 routes, Kelana Jaya and Kampung Tunku respectively, have roughly 2,000 passengers per day.

“However, PJ03 and PJ04 are still in the trial period so we will review the route later this month and if the ridership is still not up to our expectation then we might consider providing the service to other areas as we have requests from other councillors and assemblymen to have the service provided at their areas,” Mohd Azizi said.