aston martin vantage gt8 teaser sketch

Aston Martin is said to be readying another lightweight, special edition Vantage in the same vein as the GT12 (known as the GT3 when first unveiled) from last year, Autocar reports. According to the publication, invitations – replete with a teaser sketch of the car’s silhouette – have already been sent out to potential customers for the Vantage GT8 ahead of its reveal to customers.

No details about the GT8 as yet, but expect things to mirror that seen on the GT12, which means shedding a fair bit of weight with the use of carbon-fibre, aluminium, titanium and magnesium in revised items and components. It remains to be seen by just how much weight will go off – on the GT12, around 100 kg was ditched compared to a standard V12 Vantage S.

Power output is naturally set to be hiked. The GT12’s AM28 mill gained an increase from 573 PS to 600 PS, so there should be something along the same lines with the GT8 – at present, the base V8 Vantage‘s 4.7 litre eight-pot pumps out 426 PS (and 470 Nm), so we could well see a bump up to the 450 PS mark with this one.

Like the GT12, the GT8 will be a limited edition model, but Gaydon is said to be increasing the run numbers for the V8 version – production of the GT12 was set at 100 units, and for the GT8 this is set to be uppped to 150 examples