Anyone got a copy of the April issue of Fast Company? Well, if you do, expect to find a futuristic surprise that will make the new Porsche 911 stand out – literally. It’s called “the world’s first interactive hologram print ad” and will require a tablet to work.

Partnering together with advertising agency, Cramer-Kasselt, some 50,000 copies of Fast Company’s April issue will come with a transparent piece of plastic, which will fold into a prism. As shown in the video, upon placing the prism atop a tablet, a live 3D ad will be projected, bringing the Porsche 911 to life.

According to Adweek, coming up with the ad was no easy task. A lot of trial and error, along with the tweaking of the prism’s size and angles were required over weeks. This, along with many prototypes to achieve the hologram you see here.

This won’t be the last or the fanciest yet, it seems. The ad agency and Porsche will be putting an “LED-powered” advertisement in the upcoming May issues of Inc. magazine. “The LED will provide specific details about the car’s new technology,” said Marshall Ross, C-K’s chief creative officer.

Elaborating further, “there’ll be four touch buttons on the page and each will illuminate a transparency, allowing the reader to see below the metal of the car to the new advancements,” Ross said. So guys, what do you think of the modern print ad?

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