The 2016 Formula Drift Professional Drifting Championship Series is about to kick off this weekend, with the first event scheduled to take place in Long Beach, California. To ensure that everything is ready for the big event, Vaughn Gittin Jr. decided to take his competition-spec 2016 Ford Mustang RTR for a shakedown.

Here, we get to watch the man as he slays tyres mercilessly, while going incredibly sideways and producing a lot of smoke and noise in the process. Oh, it’ll do all that on three wheels too (watch closely). Vaughn’s Mustang RTR is based on the standard S550, but with a significant amount of modifications done to it (obviously). Essentially, it is a nine-second drag car that has been set up for drifting duties.

At the heart of it is a massive 7.1 litre V8 Ford Performance/Roush Yates-built engine that revs to 9,000 rpm and makes over 900 hp. All that power is delivered to the rear wheels (Nitto NT05 tyres all-round) through an Andrews four-speed dog box transmission.

In the video, Vaughn manages to pull off some insane drift angles, thanks to a complicated front steering rack and suspension setup courtesy of The Driveshaft Shop. Other notable parts on the drift car include the use of lightweight carbon materials for the RTR bodykit, with the car tipping the scales at just 1,270 kg, and three-piece wheels by HRE.

So, if you love the glorious sound of tyres being punished and loud noises being emitted from a throaty, enormous V8 motor, give this video another watch. For now, what do you think of Vaughn Gittin, Jr’s driftmobile?