2016 Toyota Isis-7

The 2016 Toyota Isis has received a number of updates in Japan. The seven-seater MPV now sports minor exterior changes, which can be found on the front fascia and the headlights.

Inside, the Isis gets a new seat upholstery design that’s capable of absorbing smells. All five rear seats can be reclined, folded and flipped for optimised space. Meanwhile, the MPV does not have a B-pillar on the left side – Toyota calls this the “Panoramic Door.”

The 1.8 litre engine, front-wheel drive model with the Super CVT-i transmission has also been updated in terms of fuel economy. With this layout, Toyota claims that it will achieve 15.4 km per litre on the JC08 cycle.

Split into four variants, the X-Selection represents the base model and is followed by the V-Selection. The third are special specification models called the Platana V-Selection “Noir” and “Blanc” which adds a black or white body colour, coloured bodykit and a power-sliding door. Inside, it comes with a dark grey interior, leather wrapped three-spoke steering, and some decorative trim.

The other variant is the Welcab Series, which caters to the elderly and the disabled. It sports special equipment such as a motorised wheelchair storage device and a rotating front passenger seat that can be lowered to the ground and back into the vehicle.

All variants are available with a choice of a 2ZR-FAE 1.8 litre engine or a 3ZR-FAE 2.0 litre mill, paired exclusively to a Super CVT-i automatic transmission. All can be had in two- or four-wheel drive configuration. Prices start from 1,990,145 yen (RM71,100) to 2,658,763 yen (RM95k).