Tambah Litar Lumba Sekitar PerakSaya melihat apabila saya membuat ucapan tahniah kepada adik Khairul Idham Pawi dalam fb saya, saya dapati begitu banyak respon yang baik dari peminat bidang permotoron Berdasarkan maklumat dalam facebook ini, saya dapati ramai anak-anak muda yang meminta litar-litar lumba di kawasan masing-masing.Saya sudah meminta exco yang berkenaan Shahrul Yahya untuk mengenalpasti lokasi-lokasi lain yang boleh kita bina litar seperti ini.Kita juga dalam usaha membangunkan projek Litar Lumba di Spg. Pulai, yang melibatkan sukan F2 yang mungkin boleh digunakan sebagai tambahan untuk litar-litar yang akan kita bina di tempat-tempat lain sekitar negeri Perak.

Posted by Zambry Abd. Kadir on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Speaking at a recent press conference, Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, chief minister of Perak, confirmed that the state government is looking into developing more race tracks on top of the upcoming Simpang Pulai Formula 2 circuit. Inspired by Khairul Idham Pawi’s recent success in the Moto3 championship race in Argentina, the chief minister seems eager to encourage motorsports in the state.

“Khairul Idham Pawi’s recent success at the Moto3 event in Argentina has made Malaysia proud. We would like to congratulate him on his win. He is a good example of how motorsports in Malaysia can be good for the country, so long as we guide it. He’s a positive influence to everyone interested in the sport,” Zambry said.

The minister said that upon congratulating Khairul on his personal Facebook page, the post was swarmed by positive comments from motorsport fans, many of which requested for circuits to be built closer to their home towns. “This is something we would like to explore, and I’ve already spoken to state council member, Datuk Shahrul, to find more locations where we can build such circuits for them,” he added.

“I’ve also mentioned before that we are developing a circuit in Simpang Pulai for the F2 (Formula 2) series. Maybe this circuit can also be used by the public in addition to the other circuits that will be developed. I’ve also requested our state council members to look into the possibility of developing more circuits in Perak, hopefully reducing illegal racing activities at the same time,” he concluded.

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