Yesterday, we were greeted with the news that Porsche rebuilder Singer is now collaborating with Historic Motoring Ventures (HMV) to provide the former’s service to Porsche enthusiasts in Malaysia and Singapore.

As official partner, HMV – founded by classic car expert Andrew Suresh in 2010 – will now be able to assist customers in locating a donor Porsche 911, specify their unique creation, and liaise with Singer’s designers and craftsmen in California throughout the “restoration and re-imagination” process.

Founded in 2009 by Rob Dickinson, Singer specialises in the rebuilding of air-cooled Porsche 911s. Supplied with a 1990-1994 Porsche 911 Coupe or Targa, Singer will strip and replace bodywork with carbon fibre panels (except for the doors), while adding welding and strengthening to the chassis.

The 3.6 litre flat-six engine will be rebuilt and blueprinted by Singer, which will retain the standard engine management system, exhaust and ancillaries. Transmissions will be stripped and rebuilt. A limited slip differential for the five-speed G50 transmission is optional.

As for brakes, Singer uses the 993 Turbo’s four-piston Brembo calipers with large drilled rotors. Each car takes 4,000 man hours to complete, the company says.

There’s only one bespoke Singer 911 in Indonesia, and it’s sitting lonely in a corner at the 2016 Indonesia International Motor Show. Alerted by photographer Sherman Sim, we went to have a closer look. Gorgeous in the carbon, as you (might probably) see from these pics. Sorry for the red tape, unavoidable.

GALLERY: Porsche 911 Singer