Mercedes-Benz 380 SEC

According to CAR Magazine UK, Mercedes-Benz is looking to add another variant to its S-Class line-up by bringing back a classic nameplate – the SEC. With the company riding high on its success (sales-wise), it isn’t surprising that the German marque is looking to seek out new niches to fill.

The SEC acronym, if you speak German, stands for S-Klasse-Einspritzmotor-Coupe, essentially the coupe version (C126) of the S-Class at the time (W126). The SEC models were produced from 1981 to 1991.

Currently, the S-Class body style line-up consists of the short wheelbase W222 sedan, long wheelbase V222 sedan, even longer wheelbase X222 Maybach and mega long wheelbase VV222 Pullman. Adding to these are the two-doored C217 Coupe and R217 Cabriolet. That’s six different S-Class body styles to choose from, and with the S-Class coupe role already filled, what could a potential SEC be?

Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC

If you guessed a four-door S-Class coupe, you’re right. In a similar fashion to the Mercedes CLA and CLS, the SEC could adopt the long wheelbase of the saloon, with the front and rear ends of the S-Class Coupe added on, according to CAR. However, don’t expect such a model to appear any time soon.

Sources told the UK magazine that the SEC four-door coupe will not be making its debut until the next-generation W223 S-Class breaks over by the next decade (2021). Highlights of the next-gen S-Class could include an all-new fully active air suspension, hybridisation and even more potent AMG variants.