If you drive a car with a manual transmission and frequent this website, chances are that you’ve heard of the term “heel and toe” before. It’s equally likely that you’ve attempted the technique at least once in your life. Some do it better than others, of course, while the rest of us barely have a clue if what we do is right.

For those of you eager to learn the downshifting technique or want to understand why it’s good for your vehicle’s drivetrain, Engineering Explained has put together yet another one of its very helpful clips.

As explained, the technique is basically used to downshift your vehicle as you brake for a corner. The goal is to achieve a smooth transition between the gears and to avoid unsettling your car in a corner, thus engaging the right gear when exiting a corner. The video also explains what goes on inside your gearbox, highlighting how you can extend the lifespan of you clutch in the process.

Once you’re done watching the tutorial above, feel free to watch the technique applied flawlessly by Formula 1 legend, Ayrton Senna, in a Honda NSX at the Suzuka circuit in Japan – if you haven’t already seen it.