Yamaha 04GEN concept scooter (10)

Using the tagline of Refined Dynamism, Yamaha has unveiled the 04GEN scooter concept at the first Vietnam motorcycle show, which is currently running from April 7 to 10 in Ho Chi Minh City. The 04GEN is, according to Yamaha’s press release, “the image of women with an air of dignified elegance and grace in mind and body.”

Bringing to mind the translucent wings of a dragonfly, this scooter design concept is certainly different, and somewhat breath-taking in its beauty. While certainly not very practical, Yamaha has traditionally shown some concept bikes which were more ‘show’ than ‘go’.

There were not a lot of details released on the 04GEN, save that Yamaha says the design concept of the 04GEN was based on its “RUN” philosophy, which stands for “Revolutionary, Unique, Noble”. From the press pictures, it appears that most of the 04GEN’s bodywork is made of the same translucent plastic that makes up the wings.

The wings fold down to cover the side-panels of the scooter,while the seat and handlebar grips look to be made of leather. A smartphone is used as the instrument display, indicating the 04GEN might be wired for internet connectivity.

The headlight is a stacked projector lamp unit, and it can be assumed LED DRLs are hidden away somewhere inside that steering unit which looks be machined from billet. No word on if the concept will ever make it to the market, or even if it would be practical for such a machine to go into production, but right now, the 04GEN exists as a very beautiful example of motorcycle art.