Choppers, as a sub-section of the motorcycling community, ride to the beat of a different drummer. Using large-capacity V-twins, choppers have become an accepted part of the biking scene, a far cry from its days as a band of outlaws seeking to rebel.

On display at the Indonesian International motor show was Big Bear Choppers, from San Bernardino, California. Specialising in choppers mounted with 1.8-litre V111 V-twins fr om S&S Cycles, Big Bear specialises in long, low-to-the-ground choppers with raked-out forks.

Of special was the Titanium, a lowrider softtail with a titanium frame. While many choppers have bodywork and accessories machined and forged out of a variety of metals, titanium – due to its cost and difficulty to weld – is rarely seen in the custom motorcycle world.

Big Bear Choppers offers a range of custom choppers on its website, with pricing ranging from US37,900 (RM147,000) for the base Titanium model, Big Bear choppers also come with either carburettors or EFI, as well as complete build kits.