The people have spoken, and Grab has listened. Following the Incredible RM1 Ride Promo, GrabCar, the private ride hailing service available on the Grab App (formerly known as MyTeksi) is introducing a new price structure which will result in almost 60% cheaper fares for shorter rides with GrabCar (Economy).

According to Jaygan Fu, Country Manager of Grab Malaysia, this move which is effective April 18, 2016 came after receiving overwhelming positive feedback from the recent Incredible RM1 Ride promo. GrabCar is making transportation more affordable by lowering its base fare to RM1, plus the removal of the minimum charge – short rides below 5 km will no longer be subjected to the RM7 minimum fare.

“The initiative to revise and reduce the fixed fares for GrabCar (Economy) for all nearby rides is part of Grab’s commitment to provide a safe, comfortable and reliable mode of transportation with certainty of a vehicle – all at an affordable price,” shared Fu. “This means the public can travel the last mile from the LRT to the office, lunch out with colleagues at a nearby restaurant, or even go to the nearest mall for a whole lot less.”

GrabCar was introduced in 2014 to complement the current transportation options during peak hours in high traffic areas. Since it adopts a fixed fare rate, passengers can ride with peace of mind knowing there is no price haggling or fare increase caused by bad traffic conditions or unintentional detours. Coupled with the convenience of paying either via cash, debit or credit card, this makes booking a ride with Grab one of the most convenient transportation option in Malaysia.


Examples of how GrabCar’s new fare stacks up to the old fare

In addition to the spike in short-rides, the private ride hailing service also noticed a significant increase in passengers who are now opting to pay via credit/debit card. This means there is a growing acceptance and trust by the public to go cashless as an alternative payment option with unparalleled convenience.

To enjoy the new revised fare, download the Grab App via Google Play or the Apple App Store, and follow the simple steps below:

1. Tap the GrabCar (Economy) icon.
2. Enter your pick-up and drop off points, and choose your payment method.
3. Provide your card details if you’re paying with credit/debit card for the first time.
4. Book your short ride and you’re ready to go!

For more information about Grab and GrabCar, please click here.