Mazda RX-Vision 19

Mazda unveiled the RX-Vision concept at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show to much fanfare, with many expecting the company to introduce a new rotary-powered sports car soon. Don’t hold your breath though because a new RX model might not be presented anytime soon, according to a report by CarAdvice.

“I was encouraged by the concept but still think, we just created that kind of concept, kind of a dream of bringing that to market in the future but at this moment, no specific plan to mass-produce the vehicle,” said Mazda Corporation’s senior managing executive officer, Yuji Nakemine.

He added, “I think Mazda R&D will continue to look, that’s their dream as engineers. When it comes to business I think we have to study lots of elements, recovering engineering costs, tooling, we have to be realistic. At this time we have MX-5 RF and soft-top, we shouldn’t be, kind of, distracted by so many rumours, our sales organisation should take advantage of the current product line-up.”

However, Nakemine did not completely dismiss the possibility of a new Mazda RX model (said to be called the RX-9). Should the company make “good money” with its existing model line-up, “we can again talk about new concepts or visions or whatever,” he said.

In Tokyo, Mazda has already revealed that the concept adopts a front-engined, rear-wheel drive setup. Power is delivered by a next-generation SkyActiv-R rotary engine, where supposed patents of said powerplant was filed in the US recently.

Many have speculated that a new RX will make its global debut in 2020, to coincide with Mazda’s centenary. The Tokyo concept certainly looks near production-ready, so it shouldn’t be too long till we see a production version, right? How much do you want a new rotary-powered Mazda?

GALLERY: Mazda RX-Vision at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show