2016 Shell Rimula R6 LM diesel lube launch - 9

Shell Malaysia today launched the new fully-synthetic Rimula R6 LM 10W-40 heavy duty diesel engine oil (HDDEO), which is made from natural gas. Designed to offer users longer engine life, extended oil change intervals and reduced fuel consumption, Rimula R6 LM uses Shell’s PurePlus technology to produce a diesel lube from an ultra-clean base oil.

Along with Shell’s Adaptive Additive technology, this allows the Rimula L6 to offer up to 53% better protection against engine wear – based on the stringent MB 228.51 limit, as measured in the MB OM 646 LA engine test, and 45% lower oil consumption compared to the Volvo VDS-4 limit, measured in the Mack T12 300 h engine test.

Rimula R6 also conforms to the American Petroleum Insititute (API) CJ-4 standard, which applies to lubricants designed to perform with engines using ultra-low sulphur content diesel fuel. This means that Rimula R6 fully-synthetic can be used with Euro 5 diesel, currently available at specific fuel stations across the nation.

Shell Rimula R6 LM is available at a retail price of RM572.60 for a 20-litre bucket. Shell also markets Rimula R5 LE, a semi-synthetic diesel lubricant, for RM354.40 per 20-litre bucket.

In conjunction with the launch of Rimula R6, Shell also announced the 2016 edition of the Shell Rimula global promotion. In this contest, eight winners will be taken to South Africa for a unique driving safari challenge. Details are available on Shell’s website.