uber cash payment

Uber has announced that it is trialling cash payments for rides in Kuala Lumpur. The online transportation network company said it is aiming to become more accessible to Malaysians with the introduction of cash as an alternative payment option.

“Malaysian riders and driver-partners love the flexibility of cash and credit options combined. By testing out cash payments in KL, we’re hoping to provide all Malaysians, no matter which city you call home, more choice and a payment option that suits your needs,” the company said in a statement issued yesterday.

According to Uber Asia Pacific director of communications Amy Kunrojpanya, the move to introduce cash payments into the equation was to remove the fear factor some first-time riders might have.

“Not everyone is comfortable using their credit for online or mobile transactions – we listened to these concerns and introduced an alternative so that every Malaysian can have the freedom to choose the way they travel, and cash is a truly inclusive way to let everyone move around their city easily,” she said, adding that the introduction is expected to increase the adoption rate of new riders by around 45%.

There are five steps to paying by cash – select Payment in the app, pick cash as the payment option, confirm your pickup location and request your ride, and at the end of the trip, pay the fare (exact change or rounded up to the nearest ringgit) directly to the driver.