At this year’s Bangkok Motor Show, Toyota Motor Thailand introduced its new Toyota Hilux Revo TRD Sportivo line-up that featured sportier exterior and interior kit. The updates also include revisions to the pick-up truck’s suspension (on higher-spec variants), where TRD Sportivo shock absorbers are now fitted. So, to find out just how good the pick-up is, Toyota Thailand decided to test it out on a track.

The testing site is the Chang International Circuit in Thailand’s Buriram province. And the car that the Toyota Hilux Revo Prerunner 2X4 2.4 TRD Sportivo will be going up against is a race-prepped Toyota 86, which competes in the RAAT Thailand Endurance Championship.

The video features several challenges that the Hilux must complete, which includes navigating an S-curve, taking a sand-littered corner at speed, tackling a slalom course at 80 km/h and cornering on a wet surface. A tall order then? We won’t spoil the findings, so watch the video to find out how the Hilux performed.

While the people in the Land of Smiles are busy testing the Hilux, be it a 170-tonne pulling challenge or a day on the track as shown here, Malaysians are still awaiting the launch of the all-new Hilux. However, those who are interested will be glad to know that order taking has already begun, with prices starting at RM89,900 up to RM133,900 (on-the-road with insurance).

As a brief recap, the eighth-generation Toyota Hilux uses a stronger FIRM (Frame with Integrated Rigidity Mechanism), along with a significantly updated, more premium interior. It also benefits from Toyota’s 2.4 (150 PS/343 Nm) or 2.8 (177 PS/450 Nm) litre GD family of turbodiesel engines, along with additional safety features.

GALLERY: Toyota Hilux TRD Sportivo in Thailand