BMW Malaysia is set to assemble vehicles for export to Vietnam and the Philippines, beginning in 2018. Production will consist of core models in the automaker’s range, namely the 3 Series, 5 Series and 7 Series, in left-hand drive specification for the two markets.

Of interest is the news of the 7 Series assembly. The G11 is currently sold here in its CBU form, so given that Malaysia is going to build a LHD for those markets, there’s every likelihood the car will eventually go the CKD route here.

No specifics were detailed aside from that brief mention of export, which was made in passing during the company’s announcement of the customised EEV status incentives for the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo, X3 and 5 Series yesterday. The event also highlighted the upcoming CKD programme for the BMW X1 and X4, which is set to begin sometime in the middle of the year.

Production volume isn’t expected to be staggering, but it is a feather in the cap for BMW Malaysia and its assembly facility in Kulim, Kedah. Group MD and CEO Han Sang Yun said that the company was pleased to be able to raise its competency to assemble and export to emerging markets in the region as well as increase its scope as a strategic hub in the Asean region.