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Two new Toyota plug-in hybrid models will be entering the China market in 2018 – the Corolla and Levin. According to Toyota’s head of China operations, Hiroji Onishi, Toyota plans to take advantage of China’s consumer incentives for hybrids and EVs, and both plug-in hybrids are destined for the mass-market.

“Our decision to launch plug-in hybrid versions of the Corolla and the Levin reflects the depth of our resolve and commitment to the Chinese market,” Onishi said. The announcement was made ahead of the unveiling of the plug-in Corolla and Levin at the 2016 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition.

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Details on the hybrids were not revealed in Toyota’s press release, but an unnamed source from Toyota said the vehicles should be able to travel at least 50 km on a full charge. No plans were disclosed as to whether the pair of hybrids would be produced in China, but considering the size of the China market, it would be a distinct possibility.

Toyota also announced the introduction of a 1.2-litre direct-injection turbo engine for vehicles that are entering the China market later this year. The engine, first announced in April 2015, is claimed to provide superb driving performance and acceleration, while also achieving impressive fuel efficiency and thermal efficiency. At present, it is available in Europe and Japan.

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