Getting up at five in the morning, rushing to get ready for work, hastily gulping down that cup of coffee, all in order to make sure you catch that RapidKL bus on time. Sound familiar? Well, with the Perodua Effect, what used to be your norm, can now be changed.

What is the Perodua Effect? In this 22-second video, the national carmaker says that it “makes mobility affordable for all”, and ensures that you have more time to start your day, because you matter most to them.

Perodua certainly have a point because the most affordable model it produces is the Axia, which starts at the RM23k mark (without insurance) for the Standard E MT. The car in the video is the higher-spec Advance Version AT that start at the RM40k point (also without insurance).

So, if you’re looking for better mobility that isn’t limited to what public transport can offer, maybe a Perodua car is what you need. Taking a trip down the years, Perodua has been doing so for quite a while now with models like the Kancil and Viva. What do you think of the Perodua Effect?

First Perodua Kancil

500,000th Perodua Kancil
Perodua Viva S-Series
Perodua Axia Standard G