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In an attempt to improve its aftersales benefits, Audi Malaysia is now offering its new Audi Care package to customers whose vehicles are still within the warranty period. Aside from providing roadside assistance services and a dedicated customer care line, Audi Care also includes a variety of other benefits to assist you during unintended events.

Included in Audi Care is Audi Roadside Assistance, which is available 24/7, and can be reached by dialing 1800-22-AUDI (2834). In the event of a breakdown, Audi will provide complimentary towing up to 600 km to the nearest authorised Audi dealership or service facility. Should an accident occur, a 24-hour towing service is available to Audi owners too.

Other benefits under Audi Roadside Assistance include on-site repairs such as jump start service, flat tyre change, emergency fuel service and lock-out service. Additional benefits cover any trip interruptions in the event your Audi is disabled due to a mechanical breakdown that happens over 100 km away from your residence address.

The coverage includes reimbursement for accommodation and alternative transportation. For the former, customers can claim up to RM300 per person/night up to a maximum of two nights. This is claimable for up to three passengers in the vehicle, three times a year. The latter, meanwhile, allows you to rent a car costing up to RM300 per day up to a maximum of two days. This is claimable up to three times a year. Taxi claims up to RM60 per trip are also covered.

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Additionally, customers who travel to neighbouring countries – Singapore and Thailand – will be glad to know that Audi Care will have their backs should any unwanted incidents occur. For instance, if the registered driver is deemed unfit to operate the vehicle due to an injury or illness, a designated driver can be mobilised to the location in Singapore or Thailand to return the vehicle to the residence address in Malaysia.

Customers can also claim up to RM100 of storage charges (parking, etc.) if broken-down vehicles are stranded from entering back into Malaysia due to the closure of country borders. Once the necessary repairs are done, a vehicle can be delivered back to the customer if the breakdown occurs more than 100 km from the residential address in Malaysia, and if repairs take more than 48 hours.

Audi vehicles that are no longer covered under Audi manufacturer’s warranty may subscribe to the Audi Roadside Assistance programme for RM120 (inclusive of 6% GST) per annum. As a side note, out-of-warranty Audi vehicles are still eligible for towing services.