The Government has said that inefficient drainage is the cause of several flash floods that occurred at several major roads in the Klang Valley recently. According to Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, torrential rainfall within two hours in affected areas also contributed to the floods, in a report by The Sun.

“Inefficient culvert systems and heavy rains caused the flash floods. The culverts couldn’t support the high volume of water causing it to overflow. Sungai Klang did not overflow, checks show that it was one metre below its full capacity. The drainage system in the city must be re-looked since the flash floods happened without the river reaching its full capacity,” said Junaidi.

Junaidi also clarified that there were no issues with the SMART tunnel. “It is not that the SMART tunnel isn’t working, it didn’t rain near the SMART tunnel,” he said, adding that a thorough study needs to performed together with DBKL and the Department of Drainage and Irrigation to come up with a long term and short term plan to confront the flash flood issue.

“In my opinion, it seems that La Nina is here early. We expected heavy rain in June and already had plans for culvert maintenance. But the heavy rain is happening now, two weeks earlier. But the dams at the northern states are still dry. This is a worrying weather pattern. We need to study and come up with plans to handle this weather condition,” he said.

Development in the city also added to the flash flood woes, according to Junaidi, expressing that developers should share the responsibility as working against nature can cause harm.

The Fire and Rescue department also stated that the poor drainage system in Jalan Semantan and Jalan Lingkungan Budi was the primary cause of last week’s flash floods that saw around 40 cars being trapped, with owners having to abandon their vehicles due to the quickly rising water levels.

“Our investigation revealed that the drainage system at both areas could not cope with the capacity of rainwater yesterday evening,” a spokesperson told The Sun. He added that the flash floods in Jalan Semantan was aggravated due to ongoing construction in the area.

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