The public is urged to minimise the recreational use of motorcycles in order to reduce the number of road deaths. Road safety department (JKJR) director-general Abdul Ghafar Yusof said 62% of the 6,706 road fatalities last year involved motorcycles.

“We want to focus attention on this issue because if we manage to reduce motorcycle use by 10%, we could save 400 lives a year,” said Ghafar in a Bernama report. “Motorcycle use is not forbidden because there are families that can only own such a vehicle, but use should only be when necessary and in desperate situations to avoid the risk of accidents,” he said.

Speaking at a road safety programme in Gua Musang, Kelantan, where the JKJR distributed 60 motorcycle safety helmets, including 30 designed for children, Ghafar reminded parents to ensure their children wear safety helmets to reduce the risk of fatal accidents.

“Safety helmets for children should also come with safety standards to avoid helmet breakage in the event of an accident,” said Ghafar. He also reminded parents that they should not allow their children to ride motorcycles without a license.