Hyundai exoskeleton-1

Korean corporation Hyundai has developed a unique Ironman-inspired exoskeleton, according to Engadget. The “wearable robot” is an enhanced version of the H-Lex “wearable walking assistant” that was introduced by Hyundai last year.

Workers wearing the device can carry objects weighing “hundreds of kilogrammes” and soldiers can use it to pack up to 50 kg over long distances, Hyundai noted. Unlike the H-Lex, which was fitted on like a suit, the new version (pictured below) is a fully mechanical exoskeleton that is worn instead.

Very much lighter than the H-Lex exoskeleton, the new model – that comprises just a mechanical spine and legs strapped to the wearer – is designed to assist “paraplegics, the handicapped and the elderly,” according to the South Korean automaker.

This project is part of Hyundai’s “Next Mobility” system “that will lead to the free movement of people and things.” This essentially means that Hyundai sees the suits as another new mode of transportation.

No word or details on when the brand might actually introduce an actual model (unfortunately), but chances are that it could still be far off, and when ready, it could likely be pricey as well. So guys, would you prefer a self-balancing electric scooter or would you rather have an Ironman-inspired exoskeleton strapped to your legs? Share your comments below.