Indonesian carmaker Esemka is reportedly developing a pick-up truck, which will premier in August this year. The company is cooperating with local carmaker, Proton, for the development of the pick-up truck, according to a report by Berita Satu.

Adiperkasa Citra Esemka Hero (ACEH) is the manufacturer of the Indonesian pick-up truck. According to its MD, Hosea Sanjaya, cooperation between Proton was established as the Malaysian automaker has been around for some time now and has the proper facilities to develop the Esemka vehicle.

Hosea noted that the cooperation agreement comes in the form of research and development between Esemka and Proton. The cooperation also has strategic benefits as it will be able to streamline Esemka’s export plans into several countries, including Malaysia. Currently, the company has set up an assembly plant in Cileungsi, West Java, which has an annual production capacity of 30,000 vehicles.

Proton Pick-Up Concept based on Proton Exora

The managing director noted that the product in development was focused on growing the rural economy. “So at this early stage, we decided to produce a commercial vehicle in the form of a pick-up truck,” Hosea stated. In addition to that, at this current moment, commercial vehicles are currently not the main focus for Malaysian automakers – which represents an opportunity for Esemka.

Based on a report by the Jakarta Globe, Esemka pick-ups will be available in two models, with engine capacities of 1,000cc and 2,000cc. The company is looking to price the cheapest Esemka model at below 100 million rupiah (RM30k), below the competition. Sales will reportedly be carried out directly from automaker to customers “without having to set up distribution centres or dealer networks,” Hosea said.