Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is now offering an AMG body styling retrofit package for the V222 S-Class for those who want a little more oomph for their S400h’s visual looks.

You can choose from either Package A for RM27,000 which consists of just the AMG bodykit, or Package B for RM54,200 which adds on 19 inch 5-twin spoke alloy wheels wrapped with Pirelli P Zero tyres. As you can see from the image above, buying the parts as a package gives you savings of up to RM10,400 from the original individual parts prices.

There are existing S400h owners who have downgraded from the standard 20 inch alloy wheels down to the same 19 inch AMG wheels provided in this package for better ride comfort, durability (thicker tyre sidewalls for better resistance against pot hole damage) as well as reduced tyre replacement costs.

In other S400h news, we also hear Palladium Silver (a sort of light grey) will eventually be replaced by Selenite Grey, which is few shades darker. The CKD production line is already rolling out Selenite Grey cars.