jpj voc

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has announced the introduction of an online-based Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) system, which will effectively replace the existing hard-copy Registration Card (RC) for vehicles in place now.

The VOC continues to carry all relevant vehicle and ownership details as defined by the RC, but unlike the RC, will not be needed in physical form as a document or as an instrument to carry out transactions such as the renewal of road tax, change of vehicle ownership or amendments to particulars.

The VOC, JPJ says, will not have a printed record of transactions such as that needed with the RC, because all records and documentation will be stored online and accessible as such.

The issuing of the VOC begins as of today, but full implementation of the new system will be divided into phases. In the first phase, the VOC will be issued to owners of new vehicles registered from June 1 (which is today) as well as to owners doing a vehicle transfer. Phase two of the VOC implementation will begin on September 1, with the new certificate being issued to owners of vehicles who renew their road tax and who carry out amendments/changes to particulars.

The final phase will begin from January 1, 2017, when it will be possible for all vehicle owners to obtain a VOC to replace the RC, done on a voluntary basis by going to a JPJ office. The department estimates that by Jan 1, 2020, all registered vehicle owners in the country will have moved from the RC to the VOC.