Hap Seng Star Balakong Proven Exclusivity Centre 1

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has launched its new Proven Exclusivity Centre at Hap Seng Star Balakong Autohaus today. Located at the second floor of the facility, it offers dedicated showroom space for customers to view and test drive a range of Proven Exclusivity certified pre-owned vehicles.

The Proven Exclusivity programme has been around since 2009, and apart from Hap Seng Star Balakong, the vehicles are also available at all other authorised Mercedes-Benz Malaysia dealers.

Proven Exclusivity vehicles are no older than six years old, have clocked less than 125,000 km and have no identifiable structural damage. These cars are sourced exclusively from authorised MBM dealers and have been fully serviced and maintained by MBM service centres, using only original Mercedes-Benz parts.

Hap Seng Star Balakong Proven Exclusivity Centre 11

To qualify for Proven Exclusivity certification, each vehicle must undergo a 215-point inspection by certified technicians, covering the car’s history, current exterior and interior condition, engine as well as safety feature checks. Buyers are entitled to a 12-month, unlimited-mileage limited warranty extension on top of any remaining manufacturer warranty.

“We are proud together with Hap Seng Star to officially launch the Hap Seng Star Balakong Proven Exclusivity Centre,” said MBM vice president for sales and marketing Mark Raine.

“Proven Exclusivity offers pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles from our authorised dealer network that are almost as good as new. With Proven Exclusivity, we are bringing customers a step closer to owning a Mercedes-Benz vehicles without compromising on quality, safety and driving experience.”

Hap Seng Star Balakong Proven Exclusivity Centre 5

Hap Seng Star chief executive Harald Behrend said, “It gives us great pleasure to launch the first dedicated and certified Proven Exclusivity centre in Malaysia. Here, in this dedicated facility, we are able to offer customers the best driving experience with Mercedes-Benz. Customers who opt for Proven Exclusivity will enjoy the same delightful driving experience as owners of a new Mercedes-Benz.”

In conjunction with the launch, Hap Seng Star Balakong will also be holding a Hap Seng Star Pre-Owned Carnival from June 3 to 12.