Images have surfaced on the internet purportedly showing 750 and 900 cc motorcycles from Italian manufacturer Benelli. From online reports, it appears as if Benelli may be revamping its model line-up for 2017, with the offering of a 750 cc parallel-twin, and 900 cc inline-triple.

The 750 cc twin, coming in a lurid shade of yellow, is strongly reminiscent of the Ducati Monster, right down to its trellis frame. Close examination of the picture reveals that the swing-arm is a welded tube construction, versus the Monster’s cast alloy unit, an indication of where costs are being saved.

Shown are the upside-down forks, triple disc brakes, and exhaust canister exiting on the right, as opposed to the Benelli trend of having the exhaust exiting underneath the seat as in their current range of large displacement triples.

Meanwhile, 900 cc triple, coming in an emerald green, draws heavily from the current Benelli TnT 899 and the TNT R, which carries a 1130 cc engine. This 900 might be a 2017 replacement for the TnT 899, and differs from the current bike with only one radiator and a trellis frame, as opposed to a cast beam unit.

This is over and above the confirmed inclusion of the Benelli TRK 502 dual-purpose and Leoncino scrambler-sportster into its model range – both of which are 499.2 cc parallel-twins. Benelli is owned by China motor-group Qianjiang, and is represented in Malaysia by Benelli Keeway Malaysia.