Every year, Forbes publishes a list of the world’s most valuable brands, and this year is no exception. From tech giants to pharmaceutical companies and many more, what is really of interest to us is where the car companies stand for the 2016 edition.

The first five spots are occupied by non-car brands most of you are already familiar with – Apple, Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Facebook. Interestingly, Toyota has managed to take the sixth spot, making it the world’s most valuable car brand this year.

Moving further down the list, BMW sits comfortably in the fourteenth position, followed by Mercedes-Benz (#20), Honda (#23), Ford (#35), Audi (#36), Chevrolet (#59), Lexus (#63), Porsche (#67), Nissan (#70), Hyundai (#71), and Volkswagen (#77). In total, a dozen carmakers made it onto the top hundred list.

So there you have it, Toyota tops the list as the world’s most valuable car brand. For next year’s edition of Forbes’ list, what car brands do you think will be able to make it into the top hundred?