Child car seats 008

So you’ve bought child safety seats for your children. That’s a great start! But are the seats installed properly, and are they even the right seats for your child? With so many variations of child seats available in Malaysia, each with their own unique installation method, over 90% of child car seats in Malaysia are not installed properly.

The most common mistakes include:

  • Child seat installed incorrectly or too loose – very common.
  • Inappropriate car seat for the child’s age, height and weight, i.e. three-year-old in an infant carrier, or in a booster seat.
  • Child seat installed, but child not bucked in or very loosely harnessed – either because child complained it’s too tight, or child unbuckled themselves.
  • Child harnessed, but seat not installed – parents thinking as long as the child is buckled in, they’re safe.
  • Incorrect harness slot used – certain seats require harness slot changes as the child grows.
  • Using damaged or expired car seats.

As this is a very serious matter concerning your loved ones, we at with Child Passenger Safety Malaysia (CPS Malaysia) will be having free car seat checks this weekend (June 25 and 26). Unsure if your’re using your child seat properly? Sign up below and get a thorough seat check-up, done by experts.