uber cash payment

Uber riders will soon find that the ride-sharing app’s pricing will be displayed differently; the company is moving away from showing the surge pricing feature, though it’s not really doing away with it.

Instead of a fare estimate for the rider’s destination plus a multiplier, if surge pricing is in effect, the app will directly show a guaranteed price for the destination. That means surge pricing will stay, though rather than displayed separately, the additional cost will be worked into the price guarantee.

The quoted price will still be in effect if the driver gets lost or if he or she takes a different route, and if passengers need to make changes to the route or destination, either passenger or driver can update the ride, and the new price will be displayed immediately.

UberPool riders – ones who carpool with other Uber users for their Uber rides – already see pricing this way, and Uber says it has made the switch since April.

The upfront fare system is still being tested in six US cities (New York City, Miami, San Diego, Philadelphia, Seattle and Jersey City) as well as in five cities in India (New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai). In the next few months, the transportation network company will be deploying its new upfront fares to its other markets globally.