It’s safe to say that driving around in a Mercedes-Benz G 500 4×4² will attract a fair bit of attention. This is an SUV that has a ground clearance of 450 mm with a wading depth of 1,000 mm, portal axles, three lockable-on-the-move differentials and 22-inch wheels. However, if you need to be even more conspicuous, Mansory has got you covered with its tuning kit for the SUV.

The most obvious exterior change here is the sky blue paintjob for the car’s body, and “carbon-fibre as far as the eye can see” according to Mansory. The front spoiler, hood, front wheel arches, mirror caps, door handles, roof, spoiler and trim pieces are all manufactured from unpainted carbon-fibre. The company has also added LED headlights with carbon-fibre surrounds as well.

Inside, the seats are now upholstered in a mix of quilted leather and “carbon fabric,” while other areas of the cabin like the steering wheel and dashboard receive a carbon inlay. Finishing touches here include the decorative logos, stitching and beading to match the exterior body colour.

However, the main attraction is the method in which you enter the cabin of the Mansory G 500 4×4². Outside, the tuning house has installed a step that automatically extends to help you climb into the cockpit, or as the Mansory team puts it – the “stairway to heaven.”

If that isn’t the SUV’s main party trick, then maybe Mansory’s Powerbox is the answer. Combined with a sport exhaust system, the G 500 4×4² now has 485 hp and 710 Nm at its disposal from the 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 under the hood, which represents a 63 hp and 100 Nm hike. Interested?