The police are happy with the results of Ops Selamat, which has succeeded in reducing the number of road fatalities for the first time in five years this Raya period, The Star reports. 299 deaths were reported this year compared to 330 in 2015.

“Normally, the number of fatalities will increase but not this year. This is a good start and we hope this trend will prevail in the coming years,” said Bukit Aman Traffic Investi­gations and Enforcement Depart­ment deputy director Asst Comm Ruslan Khalid.

He added that the police are also pleased that motorists were heeding calls to not abuse the emergency lane. The number of summonses issued for emergency lane misuse dropped 56.8%, from 2,652 to 1,146 this year.

“This clearly shows that our enforcement efforts yielded positive results. All the warnings and awareness campaigns over the past few weeks have not gone to waste,” he said, adding that summonses for those who cut queue by overtaking near the road curb also dropped, from 1,950 to 968 this year.

However, there was an increase in the number of summonses issued for other traffic offences, the bulk of it (133,695) for speeding. “This year, we issued 246,104 summonses – an increase of 2.9% – compared to 239,107 during the same period last year,” said ACP Ruslan, who singled out drivers’ attitude as the main cause of accidents.

There were fewer house break-ins while (almost) everyone was away too – 794 compared to 872 last year, an 8.9% drop.