Geneva will be adding a dozen electric buses to its municipal service, after awarding a contract to Switzerland-based ABB for the setting up of a flash-charging network. These buses are set for a route which connects Geneva’s airport with a new suburb, Praille-Acacias-Vernet, which is estimated to have 11,000 residential units as well as offices for 11,000 workers.

The bus line is expected to serve over 10,000 passengers a day, and will include 13 flash-charging stations. Each time the bus stops at a station, the flash charger provides a 600 kW blast (said to be five times the rate of Tesla’s Supercharger), which will provide enough power for the bus to reach the next station and receive flash-charging again.

At the end of the bus line, which is said to take about 10 minutes, the buses can be more fully charged by the flash chargers in five minutes. In addition to constructing the bus charging network, ABB will also supply the buses’ roof-mounted battery units.

ABB won the contract from Fastned, a Dutch company founded in 2011 to realise nationwide charging infrastructure, to build enough fast-charging stations to ensure that all Dutch citizens were within 50 km of a fast-charging station.

ABB’s solution is claimed to ensure that 1,000 tonnes of CO2 are saved each each year, as each electric bus accommodates 133 passengers at a time. It’s also claimed to allow flexibility for routing and timetables, which will reduce investment and operational costs.