2016 Fed Highway bike tunnel -2

After the heavy rains over the weekend, we did wonder what the situation might be in the Federal Highway motorcycle lane, more specifically, the tunnels. We got our answer from these pictures taken at the tunnel underneath the Federal Highway-Subang interchange.

As can be seen, the tunnel was flooded at some point during the weekend, and when the flood waters drained away, it left behind a thick coating of mud in the tunnel, along with a pile of mud at one side of the tunnel entrance. This is obviously a clear hazard to motorcyclists, especially when entering the unlit tunnel.

2016 Fed Highway bike tunnel -3

We shall be doing a follow-up ride of the Federal Highway motorcycle lane soon, to see if anything has changed in the last 30 days. We did note that the day after we posted our video, the debris at the on-going construction works at the Selangor arch had been cleaned up.

There will also be more in the series, as we travel the dedicated motorcycle lanes along highways in the Klang Valley. It is our hope, with this series of videos, that the authorities and relevant government agencies pay more attention to the maintenance and safety of all public roads, not just the bike lanes.