BMW M4 GT4 sketch

Customer racing is an important part of BMW, so much so that the company’s motorsport division develops factory-prepped race cars for sale to interested parties. The latest to come from BMW Motorsport is this, the M4 GT4, which replaces the aging E92 M3 GT4.

For the uninitiated, the GT4 spec created by the Stephane Ratel Organisation (SRO) is the lowest class of FIA GT racing, where amateur racers compete. The cars used in GT4 aren’t as heavily modified, with the majority of them being production-based models. Because of this, the GT4 category is relatively more affordable, and thus, capable of attracting a wide audience of privateer BMW teams.

BMW’s latest race car comes from the factory homologated to FIA GT4 spec, and uses the road-going M4 Coupe’s 3.0 litre twin-turbocharged inline six cylinder engine (431 hp and 550 Nm), along with its electronics.

Meanwhile, the carbon-fibre bonnet is taken from M4 GTS, whereas the seats, brakes and pedal box are carried over from the M6 GT3. The M4 GT4 also gets its own carbon-fibre doors, motorsport front splitter and rear wing, as well as a racing exhaust system.

Other more specific details like the car’s weight, transmission type, performance capabilities and other race-ready parts have yet to be revealed as the car is still in development. According to BMW, the M4 GT4 will complete its first tests at the end of 2016, with customer deliveries expected to start in the second half of 2017. The car will likely make its first appearance at the 24 Hours of Dubai (AE) in January 2018.