Available on the second-generation Porsche Panamera and other selected models, the Porsche Connect system extends the vehicle’s functions with intelligent services and apps. To ensure a better familiarisation with the “connected car” service, the carmaker has released this video that provides a demonstration of some of its functions.

Offered in two modules – Connect and Connect Plus, the former allows users to pair their iPhone and Apple Watch to their vehicle, allowing them to check its status, track its speed and even restrict the vehicle’s speed as part of the Car Connect Services feature.

Owners are also able to unlock the car, fold in the side mirrors and control other functions of the car. Furthermore, the system also comes with Apple CarPlay, where your iPhone’s apps can be used in the car.

With Connect Plus, the system’s functionality is expanded to include navigation service, where Google Maps, Earth, Street View, as well as real-time traffic info and POIs can be accessed from the cabin via the touchscreen or voice commands. Infotainment services meanwhile, brings the news to you, with the car being able to read it out to you as well. You can even find flight details if you so desire.