Subaru Palm Challenge 2016

Here’s a simple premise – keep your palm on a Subaru vehicle for as long as possible and win a brand-new Subaru XV. Well, that’s exactly what the 2016 Subaru Palm Challenge is all about, which returns for its eighth year, with the Malaysian qualification round scheduled to take place this Saturday (August 13, 2016) at Piazza, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

The event will see 80 participants (selected via online registration) duke it out for the top ten spots to be eligible for the regional grand finale at the MediaCorp Subaru Car Challenge 2016. Each participant will need to keep their palm on a Subaru vehicle for the longest time possible with only a 10-minute break every 6 hours to grab a quick bite or to take a trip to the washroom.

Furthermore, participants will also be required to partake in a series of challenges introduced at intermittent timings throughout the day as part of the process of narrowing the 80-person group to just ten finalists.

Subaru XV 2.0i-P-2

These ten finalists will move on to the Asian Face-Off in Singapore that will take place from November 5-8, 2016. There, they will face off with 390 other participants from across the region – Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam for a chance to take home a brand-new Subaru XV.

Visitors to the event will be able to cheer on the participants, and can also partake in a Mini Palm Challenge offered by Subaru to win attractive prizes on Sunday (August 14, 2016).

In the 2015 edition, Nguyen Phuoc Huynh from Vietnam won the challenge by keeping his palm on a Subaru for 77 hours and 58 minutes. Meanwhile, the best performing contestant from Malaysia, Tan Hong Sheng, came in second place, who also contributed to the longest combined standing time (accumulated total time of all 10 representatives from the same country) of 518 hours and 45 minutes.