The next Lexus CT, slated for revealing before 2018, will offer “something above” the current car, according to Toyota senior manager Rembert Serrus in an Autocar report. He hinted that the next CT will be the first Lexus product to include semi-autonomous technology.

Lexus Enthusiast suggests there may be more to the statement than meets the eye; it said that “something above” adds credence to the idea that Lexus will replace the CT with a similarly-sized crossover, as it says the other idea of the hybrid hatchback moving further upmarket seems unlikely.

This goes counter to the norm of other manufacturers introducing ground-breaking innovations on larger flagship models, though a more attainable model such as the CT would certainly broaden the base for the adoption of autonomous driving technology.

Last year, Lexus demonstrated autonomous technology on a modified Lexus GS, showcasing what the company calls the Mobility Teammate Concept. You can watch the video above to find out our experience riding as a passenger in the car.

Equipped with millimetre wave radar, a LIDAR (light detection and ranging) sensor and a camera, the Mobility Teammate Concept Lexus GS is granted a 360-degree “view” of its surroundings.

These come together to help the partially autonomous GS to accelerate, brake, intesect traffic as well as plan forward before it overtakes slower traffic. In order to let the human driver know what the system intends to do, the 12.3-inch screen in the middle of the GS dashboard displays the exact pattern of the road ahead and the direction the vehicle is going to travel towards.