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Automotive components manufacturer ZF has recalled 505,000 vehicles in the United States, mostly consisting of Fiat Chrysler Automobile units. The fault specifically affects the transmission manufacturer’s 9HP48 and 948TE gearboxes, which are used in vehicles by Honda, FCA, and Land Rover.

The issue arises from “insufficient crimps” in the wiring harness for the transmission control sensor clusters, which help control the shift pattern. The affected parts have production dates between May 1, 2013, and July 15, 2014. A software update is meant to prevent the random shift to neutral, or at least give the driver “adequate warning” before the transmission does so anyway.

ZF will first contact the auto manufacturers regarding this matter, who will then issue their own recalls. FCA has recalled 1.1 million vehicles equipped with ZF eight-speed transmissions due to a potentially confusing gear selector, which led to cases of drivers exiting the vehicle whilst still engaged in the ‘Drive’ position.

When asked if it will fix other reported problems with the transmission, ZF deferred to the automakers. “In this instance, ZF provided the necessary documentation to NHTSA to address a specific issue. All other concerns and filings need to be addressed by our customers. It is ZF’s policy to refrain from speaking on their behalf,” said ZF spokesman Bryan Johnson.

On the local front, Jaguar Land Rover Malaysia told paultan.org that they have yet to receive a directive from the UK regarding this recall. We will update this post once/if additional information is available.