2017 Harley-Davidson 107 Milwaukee Eight - 1

Pictures of a new Harley-Davidson mill have been circulating across the web, showing H-D’s trademark air-filter housing with the markings “107” and “Milwaukee Eight” on the side. This could be the all-new H-D engine that is said to be released soon, perhaps in mid-September.

From reports, the “107” indicates the V-twin engine’s displacement in cubic inches, which translates to 1,753 cc for those who think in metric. The Milwaukee tag obviously stands for the city which H-D calls home, while the ‘Eight’ could stand for the new four-valve heads that has been said to come with the engine.

Rumours have it that the new 107 eight-valve power plant will find a home in a new touring motorcycle, either in Harley’s Road or Ultra class touring bikes. Further scuttlebutt is saying that 117 (1,917 cc) and 120 (1,966 cc) versions of the engine will be forthcoming from H-D’s Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) unit.

Harley-Davidson will be launching its 2017 range of American Iron at the end of August, where the new engine is expected to make its appearance. This is only the eighth all-new engine from H-D in its 100-year history, and considering the V-Rod with its Porsche-designed liquid-cooled Revolution V-Twin caused H-D purists to revolt, it remains to be seen if the new engine gains acceptance.