The roads of Georgetown in Penang are narrow, and the last thing the locals need is indiscriminate parkers that block traffic. But some Pokemon Go players are inconsiderate, thinking of nothing but to catch them all.

Bernama reports that Penang police have issued summonses to fifteen motorists for indiscriminate parking and blocking traffic just to play Pokemon Go in the vicinity of the Lebuh Acheh and Lebuh Cannon areas here this week.

Northeast district police chief ACP Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said the boys in blue swooped in after receiving reports from residents regarding the presence of people who were disrupting the peace in the area. “Residents in the area claimed that a crowd began to gather from 8pm to 5am to play the game, making a lot of noise and disturbing the neighbourhood, triggering unease,” he said.

ACP Mior added that the police operation from 10pm to midnight found people playing Pokemon Go after parking their vehicles indiscriminately and blocking traffic in the area. He said there was no offence in playing the hit augmented reality game but players should not disturb others in the process.

Here’s one from us: do not play Pokemon Go while driving, and when catching monsters on foot, please be aware of your surroundings. Be considerate.