The Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) targets the production of Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV) to be ramped up to as much as 85% of total production in Malaysia by the year 2020, according to News Straits Times. Its CEO Madani Sahari said that the target is within reach, as the industry is already expected to reach MAI’s 40% target by the end of this year.

Madani added that a local company has shown interest in producing EEVs. “There will be EEV production and testing centre set up in Glenmarie that would be carried out by a local company with joint ventures with other foreign companies,” he said. “Malaysia will be the first country in the region to produce such vehicles that were underlined under the NAP (National Automotive Policy) 2014 strategy.”

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Also mentioned is a new National Automotive Roadmap 2050 which will be presented to the government soon – this would include plans for the future of automotive driving.

“The current NAP roadmap is only for up to 2030, and we came up with a new roadmap that would be inclusive for the automotive sector until 2050,” Madani said. “Although the technologies are fast evolving for the automotive industry, our regulations and enforcement have yet to follow suit and this would also be contained in the new framework.”