Lexus has come up with a Kinetic Seat Concept, which it says improves both comfort and ease of driving. The novel spider web-pattern net seat is set to make its debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, where it will be showcased as a standalone display.

On this one, the seat frame comprises a spider web-pattern net in place of the usual upholstery, with threads that spread out radially from the centre of the back rest. The flexible design of the net helps shape the seat to fit the body better, dispersing the load to help ensure a higher level of seating comfort over prolonged periods.

Both the seat cushion and back rest have been designed to move kinetically with occupant weight and external forces while the car is on the move, and effectively stabilises the occupant’s head. Aside from ensuring a high level of support, it also helps the occupant maintain a steady field of vision, making for a more relaxed ride.

The seat’s webs are made from environmentally-conscious synthetic spider silk material, of which the main component is protein derived from microbial fermentation. The composition is then spun and processed into the working material, which the automaker says features good shock absorbance properties. Going the web-pattern route also makes the seat much slimmer, and lighter.